Good things come in small packages, and the Sound Devices portable field recorder MixPre 3 II (generation 2) is no exception.  First launched in Fall 2019, it has been proven to be a reliable workhorse both in the field as a recorder and a mixer, and in the studio for podcasters, and musicians as a USB interface device.

The recorder features three phantom power XLR MIC/LINE inputs with additional one 1/8 inch TRS unbalanced stereo input, discrete, custom-designed class-A Kashmir microphone preamplifiers with an exceptionally low noise floor of -130 dBV, patented ultra-wide dynamic range A-to-D conversion, full internal timecode generation with HDMI input/output and start/stop camera trigger, bit depth up to 32-bit float recording, ability to record up to 192 kHz, built-in Bluetooth for wireless control via free Wingman app version 3.0 for both Android and iOS,  and many more features.

In additions to these great features, Sound Devices recently came out with the latest firmware version 7.0 for MixPre II Series on June 22nd, 2020.  Now with USB output audio delay adjustment, you can use this mixer as part of live web streaming production workflow with Youtube and Facebook Live.  Check out these new features:


  • Introducing NoiseAssist, an optional paid plugin for one instance of adaptive ambient noise suppression. NoiseAssist is an advanced signal processing algorithm that reduces background noises such as traffic, generators, HVAC noise, and more. It features a simple user interface with only one adjustment, the amount of background noise to suppress. The plugin is available now at for an introductory price of USD $300. Available in Advanced mode or Custom modes with Record or Channel set to Advanced. (MixPre II Series Only)
  • MixPre-3 II and MixPre-6 II now have output delay available.
    When sending audio to video operators on a production set, output delay ensures that audio is in sync with camera video feeds. Outputs can be delayed from 0 to 400 ms.
  • Output delay now applies to USB Outputs.
    Before firmware version 7.00, output delay only applied to analog outputs. Delay may be used to keep audio from USB outputs in sync with video streams, which inherently have more latency than audio.
    (Only applies to MixPre-3 II, MixPre-6 II, MixPre-10 II, and MixPre-10T)
  • Support for P.I. Engineering’s X-keys® Programmable Keypads, Sticks & Keyboards.
    X-keys products are programmable via P.I Engineering software to any standard USB keyboard functions. When mapped to the same keyboard functions as the MixPre’s USB Keyboard Shortcuts, these compact control surfaces can offer quick, tactile control of MixPre functions. Functions include Record, Stop, Play, and many more.
  • USB 1 and 2 can now be used as sources for headphone presets in Audio mode.
  • Optional MixAssist Plugin is now available with all sampling rates at or below 48.048 kHz.


  • MixPre no longer goes unresponsive when a keyboard command is sent while in the File List.
  • Aux 1 and 2 routed to channels 5, 6 on MixPre-6 and -6 II or to channels 9, 10 on MixPre-10 T and -10 II no longer change levels when Playback is stopped.
  • Audio level discrepancies between channel gain in basic mode and the USB Outputs no longer occur.
  • Channels 5, 6 on MixPre-6 and -6 II or channels 9, 10 on MixPre-10T and -10 II are no longer panned incorrectly following a power cycle when Outputs are set to basic.
  • Headphone Presets with linked pairs no longer only play one side of the linked pair.
  • USB Output routing no longer allows both pre- and post-fade routing while in Custom modes with gain set to Basic and channel and outputs set to Advanced.
  • Output and Headphone Limiters no longer remain active when switching to 32 Bit Float from 16- or 24-Bit with the limiters on.

Additionally, all current MixPre II Series models and the legacy MixPre Series have received performance improvements. MixPre users may download the free firmware version 7.00 here at this link:

When updating from v6.00 or below to v7.00 or above, the firmware update process must be run twice. See installation instructions included within this firmware download for more information.

Follow the instructions carefully before you proceed with the upgrade:

MixPre Firmware Installation Instructions
1. From the zip archive, extract the file within named MixPre_ #.##.prg file. Copy this .prg file to the root level (not within a folder) of an SD memory card that has already been formatted by the MixPre recorder.

2. Power the MixPre via:
USB-C on the Mixpre-3, -3M, or -3 II
USB-C on the MixPre-6, -6M, or -6 II
When powering via USB-C from a computer, it is best to set Menu>System>USB-C to Power Only.
Use the included Hirose power supply for the MixPre-10T, -10M, or -10 II.
Fully charged batteries are also acceptable on all models.
Do not perform the update with low batteries or unstable power sources.

3. Insert the SD card with the .prg file.

4. Power on the MixPre.

5. Navigate to Menu > System > Update Firmware and follow the on-screen instructions.

6. When the update is complete the recorder will power cycle itself. The version number MixPre_ #.## will be displayed briefly on the splash screen while booting up. A message box appears “Firmware updated successfully Version: MixPre_ #.##”. Tap “OK”. Please note any changes or additions to the main Menu (if applicable). Consult product documentation for details.
7. When upgrading to firmware version 7.0 or higher from any version lower than 6.0 the firmware installation process will need to be completed twice. After the first installation is complete, the MixPre II will prompt you to start the second installation process.

Enjoy the new firmware!

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