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MSE MT-1 Tripod with Head Variants

MSE MT-1 Tripod with Head Variants

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Head Style

The time-proven, favorite, heavy-duty tripod for location videography with heavy camera and lens packages. Nearly every sports remote broadcast - including auto racing, baseball, football and wrestling - depends on the MT-1 for the firm, stable platform required for "whip" pans and other rapid camera movements with no tripod jitter, twist, or swaying. Camera mobility can be achieved with the DL-7 Dolly or the MT-1 can be mounted to the Doorway Dolly for either track or surface running. Leveling the MT-1 has been simplified by placing the leveling bubble in the center post. The MT-1 now offers a new and improved braking system, furthering its handling and stabilizing capabilities.

The MT-1 has proven itself over the years in camera, microwave dish and other electronic device support with a load capacity of 265 lbs, and an operating range of 25" to 44".

Brake for MT-1
Simplicity and reliability are the best words to characterize the redesigned MT-1 brake. The brake replaces the original multi-part brake assembly with a single plate that has been engineered to provide positive, service-free locking.

Folded Base and Max Height dimensions should be used when shopping for a case for the MT-1.

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