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AJA HELO Plus H.264 Livestream / Recording Encoder

AJA HELO Plus H.264 Livestream / Recording Encoder

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HELO Plus is a compact, advanced H.264 streaming and recording stand-alone appliance. HELO Plus offers both SDI and HDMI I/O with the capability to stream up to 1080p60 to a Content Delivery Network and record simultaneously. Two separate streaming destinations can be set up, and recordings can be made to a combination of SD card, USB storage, and NFS or SMB network storage. HELO Plus also provides Picture-In-Picture and graphics functionality in hardware for compelling presentations made simple.

Sample Workflows Below:

Simplified Video Flow

Simple but Flexible The simplified signal flow for video within HELO Plus neatly highlights the flexibility of the device. Tracing a simple pathway for each video input illustrates the encoder, graphics, recording, and new PlayToStream options.

Sports Streaming 4-Channel Audio Workflow 

Sports Multi Language Streaming Workflow In this use case, a sports channel 1080p59.94 video feed is being commentated on in the studio, with the video output and embedded audio being passed directly to the SDI input of the HELO Plus. The HELO Plus streaming content is monitored using an HDMI monitor and headphones.  With the optional 4-Channel audio support, the first encoder is set to encode the video and audio as an RTMP stream in English, while the second encoder is set to output an RTMP alternate language stream. HELO Plus allows high quality sports feeds with higher frame rates of 59.94 and 60 to be encoded easily, with greater detail and motion than lower frame rate content, offering an enhanced user experience.

Live Event Streaming 4-Channel Audio Workflow

Live Event Streaming 4-Channel Audio Workflow

Live Event Streaming Workflow with Optional 4-Channel Audio In this use case, the live event PGM feed is passed to the SDI input of the HELO Plus. The HELO Plus streaming content is monitored using an HDMI monitor and headphones. The first encoder is set to output an RTMP with an English language stream, while the second encoder is streaming an alternate language while simultaneously recording directly to an SD card as a backup for later editorial use or restreaming with the optional PlayToStream feature.

Education Streaming Workflow

Educational Streaming Workflow In this use case, a college lecture is taking place. The HELO Plus receives video over SDI of the lecturer. At the same time, the presentation on the lecturer’s laptop is being output via HDMI to the HDMI of the HELO Plus.  The HELO Plus streaming content is monitored using an HDMI monitor and headphones. The HELO Plus has been set up to create a layout for picture-in-picture. In this case, the lecturer's video is scaled down and moved to the lower right corner as an overlay of the presentation.  This picture-in-picture combined output is passed to both encoders, with the first encoder offering a stream for students outside the facility via RTMP. At the same time, the second encoder utilizes HLS for delivery to a college breakout area.
Group Control Workflow Example 1

Use Case: Group Control Workflow 1 In this use case, the switched video output of a studio production is being recorded as a ProRes master on an AJA Ki Pro Ultra 12G. The Ki Pro Ultra 12G passes the video and audio via SDI to a HELO Plus. The HELO Plus is configured for a layout that shows the production video scaled down with a composite background provided by the frame store.  The Ki Pro Ultra 12G and HELO Plus are connected to the same Ethernet network, configured to be a group, with Ki Pro Ultra 12G as the leader. Hitting record on the Ki Pro Ultra 12G triggers the HELO Plus to start streaming and recording to USB simultaneously.  Grouping HELO Plus with other AJA video devices offers even more sophisticated control, with simultaneous synchronization for recording and streaming across multiple devices.
Group Control Workflow Example 2

Group Control Workflow 2 In this use case, an eSports video with an embedded audio feed is distributed to four commentary studios via an AJA KUMO 3232 SDI router. Each commentary studio embeds its respective mixed audio track for each region. Each commentary studio passes out the SDI video and newly embedded commentary audio mix to a HELO Plus, four in total, each connected to the others via an Ethernet switch. The four HELO Plus devices are configured as a group, with HELO Plus #1 set to be the leader. Pressing record or stream on HELO Plus #1 triggers all the HELO Plus devices to stream to two alternate formats, 1080p29.97 and 720p29.97, keeping start and stop streaming for the group in sync across the various streams.  Group functionality across multiple HELO Plus devices is easily achieved on standard infrastructure, meaning the devices do not have to be physically near each other to function as though they were connected side-by-side.

HELO Plus: Featured Video:


  • Portable, stand-alone device with 3G-SDI and HDMI I/O
  • Encode up to 1080p60 in H.264/MPEG-4
  • Stream to two separate destinations simultaneously
  • Optional PlayToStream to stream pre-recorded program
  • Create Picture-in-Picture streaming/recording output from multiple input sources
  • 2-channel stereo audio
  • Optional 4-channel stereo audio
  • Analog stereo audio out
  • Front panel LED audio meters
  • Data rates from 100 kbps to 20 Mbps in MPEG-4
  • Record to SD, SDHC, or SDXC cards, USB storage, NFS, CIFS, or SMB network volumes
  • USB slot and SD card slot for local external storage
  • Video input and output on 3G-SDI and HDMI
  • Support for RTP/UDP, RTSP, RTMP, RTMPS, HLS, and Unicast
  • SRT compatibility
  • AV Mute with user graphics upload support for pre-live feeds
  • Web-based GUI preview window
  • Group control for multiple HELO Plus and Ki Pro devices
  • Multi-language UI - WebUI can be selected between English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese
  • Three Year Manufacturer Warranty

Front of the HELO Plus:

  • Record button
  • Main and Backup LED indicators
  • Stream button
  • Streaming LED indicators
  • LED Stereo VU meters
  • 1x USB 3.2 Gen1 port (5Gb/s) for media recording. This USB connection can supply 1A of current to the storage device, allowing it to work with modern, larger memory sticks.
  • USB LED indicator
  • 1x SD card slot for media recording
  • SD card LED indicator

Rear of the HELO Plus:

  • 1x Stereo analog audio input
  • 1x Stereo analog audio output
  • 1x 3G-SDI input
  • SDI signal LED indicator
  • 1x 3G-SDI output
  • 1x HDMI 1.4a input
  • HDMI signal LED indicator
  • 1x HDMI 1.4a output
  • 1x Dedicated Micro USB port for use with AJA Mini-Config software
  • 1x 1GigE network connection for control and SMB recording
  • 1x Locking power connector

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