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IDX System Technology SL-F50 Lithium-Ion Battery - HD Source

IDX System Technology SL-F50 Lithium-Ion Battery

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Extra high-capacity 7.2V Lithium Ion battery compatible with all equipment and accessories using the Sony L-series battery. Equipped with 2 additional outputs, X-Tap & USB, to provide power to multiple accessories at once. X-Tap is an IDX proprietary output port and is different from D-Tap (7V vs 12V), but can also be a charge port using our LC-XT1 portable charger. C-XTAP2 is also available to create your own cable for your setup.
The SL-F series are compatible with most Sony and 3rd-party chargers. (Not compatible: Sony AC-VQ1051D)

Battery Protection Over charge, Over discharge, Over current
Capacity 6600mAh, 48Wh
Max Discharge Current Main Connector: 30W/6.0A X-Tap: 20W/4A USB: 2.3A ‡
Max Output Voltage 8.4V DC
Nominal Voltage 7.2V DC
Weight 0.57 lbs


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