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K 5600 Joker 300 LED Kit

K 5600 Joker 300 LED Kit

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*Pricing includes SPE-1000 Certification for Canada

Newly released, the Joker 300 LED is everything you love about Jokers while using LED technology.  Capable of being powered by our 300W LED Ballast or our 1200W LED Ballast, the Joker 300 is color tunable from 2700K to 6500K and accurately dimmable from 1-100%.  Several light shapers make the Joker perfect for nearly all sets.

Similar to all Jokers, the Joker 300 LED includes a Beamer (Par Reflector - same diameter as the Joker 400 HMI) and Lens set for max output.  The Beamer is easily removable for use in countless soft accessory options, from lightbanks to lanterns.  

Optional Focal Spot with 20 to 40 degree options is also available, and a fraction of the size of the industry standard "Jo-Leko" configuration.

Customizable frequency adjustment, wired, and wireless DMX included with all LED PSUs.

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