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Digital Forecast Bridge X-MC MINI (SDI/HDMI Cross Converter)

Digital Forecast Bridge X-MC MINI (SDI/HDMI Cross Converter)

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The X-MC Mini Converter from DIGITAL FORECAST is a compact cross converter with up/down scaling capabilities. The unit features SDI, CVBS, and HDMI inputs, and simultaneously converts these to desired resolutions for outputting via one HDMI and two SDI output ports. A balanced audio L/R input and output provide options for embedding audio onto video content or sending de-embedded audio separately, while horizontal and vertical flip and zoom options round out the feature-rich attributes on the video end.

Key Features

  • Cross Converter with Up/Down Scaler
  • SDI, CVBS, and HDMI Inputs
  • Converts to Outputs Simultaneously
  • Audio Embedding and De-Embedding
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