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Mutiny KX-IO for KOMODO X and V-RAPTOR

Mutiny KX-IO for KOMODO X and V-RAPTOR

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NOTE: Wait time is approx 1 week on gold mount 

KX-IO V-mount and Gold mount are officially RED APPROVED! 

Our system was made to allow most batteries to work with as little interference as possible with the connections on the camera. Keyways are thoughtfully planned to prevent cable collisions and for best-case use. KX-IO is very lightweight, compact, and built with purpose. We recommend using 12-amp batteries to take advantage of the power outputs we offer. Our housing is made with the same durable high-impact multi-jet fusion (MJF) plastic as our other products are well known for. Designed, assembled, tested, and supported in the USA by us.

KX-IO also works with RED RAPTOR.

KX-IO features:
Record button built-in
Tally light built-in (red led). To turn this feature on, in the camera menu, go to system settings, GPO function, then select Recording Indicator Out. 

User-interchangeable V-mount or Gold-mount plates. 

2x Unregulated 2pin 0B power connectors (The one on the Battery plate is not fused and the 2 on the main body are fused at 6amp total)

1x Fischer 3 R/S with power (11-16.4v and 6amp total)

1x 9pin 0B EXT passthrough port (for SmallHD camera control, extra trigger, TC, GEN, etc.

1x 5pin 0B Time-Code / Genlock combo port (Ambient Style) 

1x BNC Genlock 
1x 4pin 00B CTRL RCP2 port (SmallHD, c-motion, etc) 

1x 6pin 1B DC input/battery hot-swap port (not D-taps and 2pin on battery plate are not powered with DC input.  If you need this function, let us know when ordering and we can make the modification).

6 Amp total resettable digital fuse with red LED indicator(2x 2pin 0B and Fischer 3)

Anti-battery drain switch so you can leave your battery and accessories connected without draining the battery between company moves, etc.

Bracing plates for direct to M4 holes on Komodo X and other braces coming for popular top plates.

9pin EXT built-in cable for connection to the camera.

SMBUS battery information when used with Red-approved batteries with SMBUS (on V-mount only).

V-Mount Battery Plate Features: 2x D-Tap power ports, offset directions, unregulated (not part of the fuse amp limit) with shorter positive pins so ground always connects first. It also has 1x unregulated 2pin 0B power port.

Gold Mount Battery Plate Features: 1x unregulated D-Tap power port (not part of the fuse amp limit) with a shorter positive pin so ground always connects first. It also has 1x unregulated 2pin 0B power port.

KX-IO works with both KOMODO X and V-RAPTOR
Weighs less than 10oz / 0.6lbs / 0.28kg

1) We recommend using 12A batteries with KX-IO to maximize power delivery to the power ports and camera Do not use 6A batteries as the camera requires 3 amps leaving only 3 Amps for accessories

2) We do not recommend the use of a shark fin with KX-io or the komodo X in general due to the amount of leverage you are putting on the v-lock This can lead to damage if not supported properly from underneath or when using long or heavy batteries

NOTE: We have seen that Bebob gold mount batteries have an issue mounting. We are working to correct this in the near future.

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