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Leader LT4670 Sync Generator

Leader LT4670 Sync Generator

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The LT4670 is a 1U full rack size synchronous signal generator that outputs PTP, GNSS, (4K/HD) IP, 4K 12G, (3G/HD/SD) SDI, analog synchronous signals, AES/EBU, audio word clock and LTC synchronized to analog video sync signals.
The PTP operates as a grand master and has two independent PTP reader and follower functions. The PTP operates as a grand master and has two independent PTP reader functions and a PTP follower function.
Six independent analog sync signal outputs, digital audio output, word clock output, LTC input/output, and L-SYNC are provided as standard, with options for GNSS sync, PTP, 4K IP, HD IP, 4K 12G-SDI, 4K Quad, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI output in any pattern. The system is designed for optimal synchronization system management according to various systems.


  • Genlock Function
    NTSC/PAL black burst signals and HDTV tri-level sync signals, which are analog video sync signals, can be input to synchronize each output signal. NTSC/PAL black burst signals with field reference pulse and NTSC black burst signals with 10-field ID are also supported. It also supports 10 MHz CW lock as standard.
     * Additional options are required when using PTP or GNSS.
  • Stay-in-sync and slow lock functions
    A stay-in-sync function is provided in case of abnormalities in the genlock input. In addition, a slow-lock function is provided to reduce the shock that occurs when the genlock is performed again after a stay-in-sync, thus realizing an extremely stable synchronization system. The system supports BB, tri-level, 10 MHz CW, GNSS (SER01), and PTP (SER03).
  • Six independent analog video sync signal outputs
    Six independent analog video sync signal outputs are available. The phase of each output can be varied independently.
  • Word Clock Signal Output
    One 48 kHz word clock signal synchronized with the video signal can be output.
  • AES/EBU signal output
    One AES/EBU signal with tone and one muted AES/EBU signal can be output.
  • CW or 1PPS output
    Selectable 10MHz CW or 1PPS output.
  • Time code output
    Based on internal time information, NTP server, LTC (LTC terminal input), VITC (SER02), GNSS (SER01), and PTP (SER03) time information, output to 3 LTC (LTC terminal) systems, multiplex analog sync signal to VITC, and SDI (SER02/ SER04) output to ATC ( SDI (SER02/SER04) output can be multiplexed to ATC ( LTC/VITC).
  • GPIO pin
    Preset recall and alarm contacts can be output.
  • Synchronous control between devices (L-SYNC)
    In a redundant system, time can be synchronized by using L-SYNC to connect the main and backup devices synchronized by the same analog video sync signal. Synchronized time outputs are PTP (SER03), LTC, black signal (VITC), SDI signal ATC (VITC/LTC) (SER02/04), AES/EBU signal,NTP.
  • Ethernet
    Control by SNMP and issue TRAP for anomalies.
    It is also possible to control the instrument via HTTPS/HTTP and REST-API.
    It can be used as an NTP client to connect to an NTP server to set the internal clock time, or as an NTP server.
  • Preset and Memory Functions
    The last memory, which maintains the last setting when the power is turned off, and up to 10 presets can be stored internally. For operational convenience, registered presets can be recalled to always start up with the same settings.
  • Redundant power supply and non-stop power supply and fan replacement
    Redundant power supply unit option (LT4670SER11) can be added for redundant operation. The power supply unit and fans are hot-swappable.
  • Web browser
    By connecting the LT4670 to a PC, settings and monitoring can be performed via a web browser.
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