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Mutiny Bolt-on V2 with 9P EXT / 12"

Mutiny Bolt-on V2 with 9P EXT / 12"

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Our BOLT-ON V2 Micro record button run/stop trigger for RED KOMODO, KOMODO X, V-RAPTOR and *DSMC2 (*when used with Jetpack, or V-Lock Expander) is RED APPROVED! It also works with any Arri camera that has a Fischer 3 connector. 

BOLT-ON V2 now features the ability to be mounted using either 1/4-20 screws or M4 screws (1/4-20 screw is included)

V2 is 35% smaller than our V1 Bolt-On Micro and even lighter at less than 0.01oz versus 0.03.  Same positive confirmation click as the V1. 

This allows you to mount your trigger anywhere you want it. The BOLT-ON Micro V2 comes in different cable options and we also offer a multipack of 6” & 12” EXT 9 Pin and the option to buy an extra cable. Here are the types of connectors currently:

1) 9 Pint EXT Right Angle for plugging directly into the KOMODO, KOMODO X or V-RAPTOR EXT port.  If you need a straight 9-pin instead, let us know in the notes on your order.  

2) FISCHER 3 Straight or Right Angle for use with MUTINY™ IO port expanders, StormBox Pro, Wooden Camera B-Box, or Modern Film Tools, Arri cameras with Fischer 3 ports, etc.

3) BNC for use with RED Expander Module for KOMODO and Phantom Flex. Fixed length at 12” but can be extended with BNC to BNC adapter.

4*) 4 pin 00B SYNC for use with DSCM2 Jetpack Expander, DSMC2 Jetpack SDI Expander, DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expanders ONLY.  NOTE!!!! You cannot use this directly on the camera body or the base expander. This only works with the expanders mentioned above. This cable has a silver 4-pin 00B straight connector.  There are no right-angle options.   

 NOTE: 6" and 12" EXT 9 Pin cables are measured from end to end.  If you need longer, select custom and put the length needed in the notes.

MUTINY™ BOLT-ON V2 Micro Record Button has been a top seller and has been used on some of the biggest movies and tv shows in the world.  It's size, ease of use, and light weight have made it a life saver for thousands of productions.  Now available for DSMC2 when used with jetpack or v-lock expander module.  

Comes with a 1/4-20 screw.

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