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Mutiny Safetap V4/2.1mm Right Angle/Standard Black (ALL)

Mutiny Safetap V4/2.1mm Right Angle/Standard Black (ALL)

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12G ISOLATOR Cable Sets for X

This cable set is designed to keep its compact form factor of the KOMODO X and to be used with a low profile monitor mount (under 6" height mount).  If using a NOGA or other 6" - 8" cine arm for your monitor, do not choose this setup!.  This set is designed for 90% of compact setups as seen in the pictures on this page.   NOTE: These cable sets are built to order to the sizes specified. DO NOT ORDER unless you have have a very similar setup in the pictures here or have already measured out the lengths you need and they fit within these specifications. Cables include the following: 2x 12G SDI cables, 2x power cables.   

From the KOMODO X SDI port to the MUTINY 12G Isolator

12G Right Angle 12G SDI from camera to Straight 12G SDI to isolator (mounting on AC side)

POWER 9”(if the D/P-TAP port is on the  top or AC side of the camera) Safetap V4 protected to 2pin 0B straight
D/P-TAP to 2pin 0B straight
2pin 0B right angle to 2pin 0B straight

NOTE: If you have KX-IO V or Gold let us know as it will require longer D-tap/safetap cables  

From MUTINY 12G Isolator to the monitor or wireless video TX:

12” 12G SDI straight from isolator to straight to the monitor/wireless TX (choose if using a compact monitor mount).  ****If you need right angle on the monitor end instead of straight you need to make a comment in the notes or custom notes on checkout***

POWER 14” 2pin straight from isolator to these connector options: 2pin straight (SmallHD 703, Cine 5 & 7, Ultra 5, Teradek Bolt, etc) 2pin right angle (SmallHD Cine 5 & 7, Ultra 5, Teradek Bolt, etc)
2.1mm right angle or 2.1mm straight (OSee, Indie 5 & 7, Touch series, Flame Series, Inferno Series and Ninja V series Battery Eliminator, Shogun 7, Shinobi 7, etc),
4pin adjustable for Zacuto (Kamelon Pro)
4pin aviation for Portkeys (EYE III, EYE SDI, BM5 series/HH7/HS7T monitors).

Available in these color combos (only COMBAT versions are paracord) 

Red 12G SDI cables with black power cables or  Black 12G SDI cables with black power cables or "COMBAT" series 550 Paracord in the following colors (when ordering COMBAT put the color in the custom or checkout notes on the order:   NOT BALKUM BLUE (NBB), RANGER (TAN), DELTA (BLACK), MONOCHROMATIC (WHITE), COMMANDO (GREEN/TAN/WHITE), IGNITE (ORANGE), 7TH GROUP (RED), URBAN CAMO (BACK/WHITE), STRYKER (TAN/BLACK), OD (OLIVE GREEN), GHOST V2 (DIAMONDS), PREDATOR (DARK GREEN/WHITE/BLACK), PANTHER (HOT PINK), PYTHON (GREEN/BLACK/WHITE),  REACTOR (NEON GREEN/BLACK). 


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