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Rotolight | Anova Pro 3

Rotolight | Anova Pro 3

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Weather Proofing

IP65 water resistance, the AP3 is expertly crafted to excel in even the most demanding weather conditions, including heavy rain showers and snow. Boasting a top-tier power output and the convenience of native dual V lock battery operation, the Anova PRO 3 emerges as a robust all-weather solution, perfectly suited for both outdoor and studio applications, making it an incredibly versatile and dependable tool.

Automatic Kelvin & HST Light Metering

"Magic Eye" optical light sensor seamlessly integrated into the front face of Anova PRO 3. This revolutionary technology enables automatic measurement and matching to any Kelvin or HSI Color on set, eliminating the requirement for a separate light meter and providing filmmakers with a simplified means to achieve precise light balance during shoots.

Energy Efficiency 

Crafted for filmmakers and content creators, the Anova PRO 3 provides an output of 22,000 lux, doubling the previous generation Anova and the AEOS 2 PRO.


Showcasing their award-winning suite of CineSFX™ (Fire, Lightning, TV, Gunshot, Paparazzi, and more), effortlessly inject drama into scenes on demand. Customizing, saving, and instantly recalling favorite settings streamlines their workflow on set, while the option to utilize the newly improved SFX presets adds an extra layer of convenience.


SmartSoft Box

With a range of modifiers available, including Rotolights world first electronic diffusion technnology, the Anova PRO 3 enables filmmakers and photographers alike to create and mould the light to their exacting requirements quickly with just a moments notice. With the award winning SmartSoft (TM) Box - electronically adjust diffusion, focus, and spread without the need for gels or additional modifiers.

Native iOS & Android control

With the all new Rotolight app, you’re always in control. Easily switch between lighting modes to adjust colour, power, flash settings and much more. Create custom groups and projects on up to 20 lights simultaneously.

High-Speed RGB Flash

Flash in any one of 16.7 million colours or 2,500 digital filters, for unlimited creative possibilities. With inbuilt Godox, Profoto, Elinchrom, Neewer & Pixapro flash receivers (an industry first), provide ultimate flexibility for photographers wanting to wirelessly integrate Rotolight into existing systems or utilise transmitters they already own with Rotolight’s worlds first RGBWW flash capability.


With intergrated alumnium handles and a weight of just 3.4kg or 7lbs, the Anova PRO 3 is a highly portable and versatile tool for any production.

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