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SmallHD Ultra 7 Bolt 6 TX 750/1500 Video Transmitter Monitor

SmallHD Ultra 7 Bolt 6 TX 750/1500 Video Transmitter Monitor

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Transmission Range

16-0729 | Ultra 7 Bolt 6 TX 750 | 811786033911 
16-0731 | Ultra 7 Bolt 6 TX 1500 | 811786033942 
7-inch touchscreen camera monitor with integrated wireless video transmitter

Product Description:

Powerful, bright, and durable, the Ultra 7 offers a stunning 2300nits brightness and a full suite of large front-facing custom-function buttons for maximum control in all conditions. Experience all your
favorite PageOS tools and functions on a fully loaded 7-inch touchscreen field monitor powerful enough to ingest a 4K signal with 6G-SDI.

Ultra 7 is adaptable to all situations and conditions, including optional Gold or V-Mount Micro Battery Plates for a compact power solution, an Ethernet port to enable ARRI and Sony VENICE Camera Control, and a 5-Pin USB port for RED® Camera Control (Camera Control license and cable sold separately).

We brought together SmallHD’s Ultra 7 monitor with Teradek’s wireless transmission technology. Ultra 7 Bolt 6 TX integrates a Bolt 6 Transmitter directly inside an Ultra 7 monitor, allowing you to wirelessly send the image from your camera with the new internal V-Antenna. The Ultra 7 Bolt 6 TX is available in the 750 or 1500 range.

Top Features:

● Ultra Bright (2300nits)
● Dust and water resistant with an IP53 rating
● 6G-SDI for modern 4K end-to-end workflows
● Camera Control compatible with all current SmallHD licenses
● Function Buttons for tactile control
● Integrated Bolt 6 TX 750 or 1500

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